This house is generated along on an axis running parallel to the shoreline. The building is linear, closed and introverted along the Street but opens gradually to the landscape towards the West. The long block of the house culminates in a tall open porch which looks upon a green natural preserve and offers a diagonal view of the ocean. The Guest house is an independent block which frames the outdoor space and blocks the view of neighbors on the one hand while opening the view towards the ocean on the other hand.

The exterior of the house is a of a rugged concrete surface which is capable of resisting the power of the nearby ocean and its maritime extremes, whereas the interior is fragile and warm, using simple local brick walls or plywood panels, both of which are left exposed and unpainted. The kitchen is a sunk central feature of the living area, which allows the living space to feel open because the kitchen cabinets do not obstruct the flow of space. The house is designed to be a family center which can absorb friends and family members when necessary but can also feel cozy and accommodating when the owners are alone.