The Finca Son Daros is a working farm which has produced almonds and olives for many generations now in the rich agricultural landscape of Selva, located in the Tramontana World Heritage Region in Mallorca.

The constructed spaces are conceived of as courtyards or ‘stamps’ in the landscape, so as to keep the intensively used surfaces compact and as undisruptive of the cultural landscape as possible.

The main house was finished 2019 using local building techniques and simple, ecological materials. Local building typologies inform the design. The width of the rooms, for example, corresponds to those of the old shed building-types found on the older buildings on the north side. On the walls, no paint was used: the colour results from the material itself, lime for the inside walls and a mix of cement and local earth for the exterior. Doors and windows are of treated industrial fir. The tiles and sinks are of hand-made cement, using an old local method for which Mallorca tiles have become famous. Traditional construction methods were used wherever possible. The orientation of the windows is intended to provide views while avoiding direct sun, giving this modern house a traditional flair.